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Our Android Malware Summary for the Year 2014

In 2014 our Mobile-Sandbox analyzed over 100,000 Android applications that were submitted by mostly anonymous users, Anti-Virus-Companies and by our own. In the same time we updated our system several times with new features and we modified the backend and the analyzing extensions. These updates unfortunately resulted in some downtimes and a clean database and

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Lazy Sunday Updates

After nealry a year I found some time today to update the mobile malware overviews for iOS and Android. I hope that I catched everything that came up in the meantime, if not, please let me know which malware family is missing in the overviews. Here you can found the updated lists: Android Malware iOS

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Android for Work: Demystified

Android for Work has been announced by Google only some days ago and Google promises a secure but also usable way to combine sensitive company data and private data on a single device without increasing the risk of unintended leakage of company data. “… Android for Work on supported Lollipop devices offers a dedicated Work

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MobileSandbox @ Springer IJIS

Our MobileSandbox paper from SAC2013 got an update. It has been accepted as an journal article for the upcoming edition of the International Journal of Information Security. Here is the abstract: Mobile-Sandbox: combining static and dynamic analysis with machine-learning techniques Smartphones in general and Android in particular are increasingly shifting into the focus of cyber

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Android RAM Analysis @ IMF2014

Our paper Post-Mortem Memory Analysis of Cold-Booted Android Devices has been accepted at IMF’14 and was presented there last week. Here is the abstract: As recently shown in 2013, Android-driven smartphones and tablet PCs are vulnerable to so-called cold boot attacks. With physical access to an Android device, forensic memory dumps can be acquired with

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