Month: March 2012

Detailed Analysis of Android.FakeToken

Intro: What is Android.FakeToken? This new malware-family emerged some days ago within a spanish Spam-campain and spreads through email and SMS messages. This new Android malware tries to forward mTAN SMS messages to a remote user and thus has the typical man-in-the-middle functionality, we have already seen in malware families like Zeus and SpyEye, but

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Is Data Retention Still Necessary in the Age of Smartphones?

It is well known that smartphone operating systems persistently store location information in their local storage for various reasons. However, less well known is probably the fact that also various applications do this, too. In this article we will give you some hints where you can find this data on Android smartphones as well as

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Detailed Analysis of Android.Moghava

Intro: What is Android.Moghava? This new malware-family emerged some days ago in third-party Iranian Android-Markets. It is one of the very few samples out there that is not intended to make money. Instead, the app represents another sample from the side of politically-motivated hacking (hacktivism) which modifies images that are stored on the device. Even

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