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diploma thesis: published version

If you want to read the final version of my diploma thesis don’t hesitate to write an email. Because of data privacy the published version doesn’t contain Chapter 4 (the functionality as well as the applicability of the developed tool is tested on several mobile phones by analyzing extracted data in a forensic way).

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Gathering Information about the Lastly Inserted SIM

Data being deposited in the memory of the smartphone are the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and the serial number (ICCID) of the SIM card. The IMSI is located at the beginning of block 94 filled up with 0x00. In contrast, the ICCID in block 117 can be found at the beginning of the 5th

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diploma thesis: abstract

Although tools to extract such evidence already exist, there is a strong demand to develop more sound forensic procedures and tools in order to analyze data from a previously created dump as well as from the mobile phone itself. This aspect will be a major focus within this diploma thesis. The developed tool should enable the process of

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