First screenshots available

After some time of programming and writing on different papers the first screenshots of Panoptes are now available. The forensic software agent is now in the beta-testing period and as soon as it has left this stage it will be available for download here, too.

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  1. Hi. I study It-Forensic and information security at Halmstad University in Sweden. I’m currently in a project involving android forensics. I would like to try out Panoptes, but i cannot find it anywhere on this site.
    I see that the last post where November 14th 2010 and i wonder when the application will be released?

    Regards: Timmy

  2. Hi Timmy,

    Panoptes was only a PoC which wasn’t released until now and has still a lot of bugs in it. If you still want to test it, you can contact me through this website and I’ll send you a copy.


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