How to root a HTC Wildfire

The following steps will void the warranty of the device and there is no guaranty that it will work on your device!

  • First of all you will need to know what version of HBOOT the device is using and the serial number of it
  • If HBOOT is not 1.01.0001 you have to downgrade to HTC Froyo WWE for Revolutionary
  • Download & install the HTC Sync drivers
  • Make sure USB debugging is enabled on the device
  • Download Revolutionary 0.4pre4
  • Connect the HTC Wildfire to the computer via USB
  • Launch the Revolutionary software and enter in the beta key you got from the revolutionary website
  • Revolutionary will now root the device, set S-OFF and install clockwork recovery. The device will reboot on its own afterwards
  • Now you can flash a custom ROM with the help of clockwork recovery

If all these steps are finished successfully you are root and, if you have flashed a new custom ROM, you are running a newer version of Android.

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