Android RAM Analysis @ IMF2014

Our paper Post-Mortem Memory Analysis of Cold-Booted Android Devices has been accepted at IMF’14 and was presented there last week.

Here is the abstract:

As recently shown in 2013, Android-driven smartphones and tablet PCs are vulnerable to so-called cold boot attacks. With physical access to an Android device, forensic memory dumps can be acquired with tools like FROST that exploit the remanence effect of DRAM to read out what is left in memory after a short reboot. While FROST can in some configurations be deployed to break full disk encryption, encrypted user partitions are usually wiped during a cold boot attack, such that a post-mortem analysis of main memory remains the only source of digital evidence. Therefore, we provide an in-depth analysis of Android’s memory structures for system and application level memory. To leverage FROST in the digital investigation process of Android cases, we provide open-source Volatility plugins to support an automated analysis and extraction of selected Dalvik VM memory structures.

The full paper can be read here.

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